About me

“When I grow up, you’re not going to see me sit behind a desk from 9 to 5.” This is what I told everybody when I was young.  Exchange money for time? OH HELL NO!
I want freedom, variety, meet new people, be productive, get results but above all… live!
“But Zeeger, somehow you got to make some money.“ “Yeah, that’s true.” So I wondered how to do that. After a long search I had my answer… Photography. It gives me satisfaction and it makes me happy.

The man behind Newseals Productions is trustworthy and humorous. I do everything with two words in the back of my head: ‘persistence and determination.’ That doesn’t mean everything goes as planned, I make mistakes, I learn and move on.

I especially want to have a good time while shooting. Sociability and getting results are the number one prioritie. Besides that I want to bring out the best in my subject. Let’s be confident and real. For this you may have to take a step outside of your comfort zone, but don’t worry … we do this together!

Would you like to ask me something , don’t be shy and just send me that message!